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The best premium bluetooth headsets

The best premium bluetooth headsets

A Bluetooth headset is a device that is made to make your life easier while on the go. The headset is an important addition, which can help you in staying safe on the road if you have a heavy handset. Moreover, the device keeps your hands free while speaking and cancels the background noise for better conversation. A professional headset additionally protects your ear membrane, as it keeps the sound in a safe range and removes any loud harmful noise before it can reach your ears. Let’s take a sneak peek at the best premium Bluetooth headset available.

  1.  Plantronics VOYAGER-5200-UC (206110-01) Advanced NC Bluetooth Headsets System – 166$

Product Description

An advanced wireless Bluetooth enabled headset that is featured with a wireless operating distance of 98ft. The Plantronics VOYAGER comes with mono noise cancellation features and is designed as a behind-the-ear device. The device is lightweight and weighs only 0.71 ounces.

Product Feature

1) Technology enabled- Wireless, Bluetooth, with a wireless operating distance of 98ft and Sound mode- Mono.

2) Enabled with voice cancellation feature with Behind-the-ear earpiece design. The type of earpiece is Monaural and the microphone built is Cheek.

3) The package of the headset includes- carrying case along with 1-year limited warranty.

2. Plantronics CS510 – Over-the-Head monaural Wireless Headset System – DECT 6.0 – 173$


Product Description

The high quality over the head monaural headset is a hard to miss device. It comes with Wideband audio quality and excellent noise cancellation feature with enhanced Digital Signal processing to provide better clarity. The high range device makes multitasking easy, as it can be used 350ft away from the desk. The lightweight design and long lasting battery life make it an ideal companion to manage calls with comfortability.

Product Features

1) One touch high-quality multitasking headset with wideband audio quality. Enabled with the noise cancellation feature and advanced Digital Signal Processing that makes sound crystal clear and natural.

2) Unmatched range-Comes with Dect 6.0 technology that can provide clarity up to 350 ft. away from your desk.

3) Sleek and lightweight design with one-touch control makes it the most comfortable device and the lightest DECT headset available.

4) Strong battery life that lasts up to 9 hours along with an energy efficient adaptive power system to store battery life.

5) The package includes 1 monaural headset, over the head headband, base power supply, charging base, telephone interface cable, quick start guide and a 1-year warranty on the headset.

3.  Savi W720 (83544-01) Dect Head – 225$


Product Description

The headset is a multitasker that helps in managing PC, mobile and desk phone calls all at the same time. The intelligent headset is designed to automatically route calls to the headset or mobile phone whichever is in easy reach. Enabled with one-touch answer key and volume controls, the headset can mute and flash controls across all devices.  The device updates the presence of UC automatically, when on a mobile, PC or a desk phone call.  Wideband audio feature with CAT-iq technology, gives high definition voice quality. Noise cancellation feature and enhanced Digital Signal Processing for better sound output.

Product Features

1) An intelligent multitasker, to coordinate PC, desk phone calls, and mobile.

2)  Hot-swappable battery that can help in getting unlimited talk time.

3) Superior range- 350-ft of wireless power from your desk.

4) Noise canceling feature with dual earpieces to restrict background noise.

5) One touch for call answer along with volume controls and mute, flash controls across all devices.